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For The Beauty

48 X 30

Court Jester

48 X 36


36 X 36

Four Faces

24 X 18


I See Yellow

24 X 48

My Place

Silent Past

48 X 36


36 X 24

Dancing Jack

30 X 45


Red Flower

30 X 15


Hello my name is Tracy Byrne

I am a British artist living in America. I love to work with acrylics paper and high gloss, I also have worked with watercolours. I mostly love to paint abstract, I feel I can express myself more freely, I paint from my heart, I am very passionate about what I do. The colours I use to express mood, emotions etc. Each canvas tells a story, all my paintings are of an event, a person, past or present. People inspire me, special children, that continue to smile through illness and pain. I have put my life onto canvas. I feel with the way I mould the paper and make the shapes work together with the gloss, it helps to bring life to the Art.

Families strong love for each other, friends gifts of kindness, a hug a smile, just to listen to one another. All these colour’s show on the canvas. Anger, rage, pain, so much suffering in the world and we continue to do this to each other. Power, weakness, all of this and so much more can show in everyone‘s colour. Sit and watch your children play, smile, watch and imagine the colour’s flow like brushes dipped in fresh paint, leaving trails like rainbows.

Each of my paintings is a true expression of my feelings, either personal or of someone very dear to me. I lost a very close family member in 07 and the colours choose themselves as I painted the canvas. When I had finished it was him, vibrant, happy, cheeky, loud, someone commented they could see a clown-like figure, which was just his personality, a clown.